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On my birthday, I wish to give hope

On your birthday, give back! On your birthday, give back!

Since my birthday is coming up, I thought about the ideal gift. Each new birthday makes me reflect on all the good things I have and for which I am grateful. Then I wondered what it would be like if I didn’t have them and how life would look like without my loved ones. That’s why, this year, I wish for a special gift: to give hope and a HOME to 12 children who have grown up in the last orphanage in Sector 5.

Hope and Homes for Children will build a house for 12 children with special needs. I have joined this initiative because I want to bring smiles and joy to the children, but we need your help to make this happen. This year, I want all the gifts and good wishes to go to them. Any donation counts, and with every brick we lay, we build an environment where children can dream.

Every child has the right to a home where they feel safe, loved, and where they can dream. A house is a HOME, but an orphanage will never be. With your help, the children who have no one can dream of a place they can call HOME.

Thank you for your generosity,


Created by:
Monica Orlanda