say no to orphanages

in romania, over 4,000 children and teenagers still survive in orphanages. Hundreds of thousands of others live in extreme poverty. We are working to identify a solution for each one of them, to completely eradicate orphanages and to prevent family breakdown due to poverty.

preventing family separation

we increase financial stability and medical security in marginalised families

closing down orphanages

we progressed a lot as a country: from 100,000 children institutionalised at the end of the ‘90s, to over 4,000 in 2020. It takes two to four years to close down an orphanage and one of the interventions is the construction of family type home.

supporting young adults leaving orphanages

we increase the independence and the confidence of the youngsters who leave the orphanages, at the age of 18, through actions of social and professional reintegration.

the focus of our training: the child

we increase the competences of the staff working in the child protection system by providing training programmes.

donate from the heart

be somebody for nobody’s children!

our promises

in 2022, we will help at least 700 children and young adults and we will close 2 placement centres

we invest a minimum of 1,050 Euro/year to prevent the separation of a child from their family and at least 2,700 Euros annually to help a young person leaving the placement centre.

to keep 550 children together with their parents and to take care of the Ukrainian children integrated in our programs, we have the objective of raising 3.1 mil. Euro.

2.535.000 € 81%

over 35,000 Romanians joined us.

how you can help

thank you for choosing to get involved

donate by card

you can contribute once or every month, for a month or for as many months as you choose, with any amount of money you feel comfortable with.

redirect 3.5% of your income tax

fill in and sign online the 230 Form

donate by text message

send HOPE to 8844 for a monthly donation of 2 Euro or HOPE to 8864 for a monthly donation of 4 Euro. you can stop the donation anytime.

redirect 20% of the income or profit tax of your company

you will pay this amount of money, anyway, as taxes. Wouldn’t you prefer to know whom your taxes help directly?


orphanages closed down


family type homes built


children removed from orphanages


children remained together with their parents