the people alongside whom our mission becomes reality

princess marina sturdza
(25.04.1944 – 22.10. 2017)

honorary president

„It is a pride for me to be part of this exceptional team and I would like to thank them for the small and big miracles they carry out every day. With the utmost respect and pride for the results achieved.”

„Ever since I’ve become a mother, I learned the significance of each sound and the importance of each smile, I carry my child in my arms almost all the time and I see that she needs me every moment. For them, the children who are away from their parents, who is there with love during the 85.400 moments of the day when they need it? I have been alongside de Hope and Homes for Children Romania for 10 years and I believe that, if we put love in the lives of orphan children, we can save the world a little bit.”

amalia enache

alexandru tomescu

„To be an ambassador for Hope and Homes for Children means to dedicate to a noble cause my most precious skills and what I can do best – the music that I love so much. Therefore, I can contribute to saving, literally, the lives of wonderful children.”

„Hope and Homes for Children saved the lives of tens of thousands of children and youngsters who are less fortunate than most of us. I feel honoured to be part of the Hope and Homes for Children family and to contribute, by what I do, to offering happiness to the children who need it the most, to offering the chance to a childhood together with their families or in a family-type environment. In the end, being an actor means to spread happiness and this is where I shine.”

marius manole

mihai morar

“Childhood should be about playing, no worries and equal chances. Life is not a fair and correct path. However, all children should have, at the beginning of their lives, the same chances – to education, food and most of all, to love. Hope and Homes for Children demolishes the walls and removes the fences between these differences, between children growing up with love, within families, and those who do not have these chances. I believe that each one, in particular, is sensitive to the troubles and the stories of these children, but society as a whole should be sensitive, not only individuals. Society should not be something abstract, made up of walls and glass or concrete buildings. Society should have a heart, exactly like all individuals. And this is the mission of Hope and Homes for Children, to give a heart to a society that is maybe cold and unjust.”