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straight from the heart
on going since june 2021

a podcast about the most serious role of all: the role of a parent

when you have children, it is like you wear your heart outside of your body. We all want to be the best parents possible for our children, but we know how difficult it is to navigate through contradicting advice, responsibilities, emotions and worries.

amalia enache, journalist, mother and ambassador for hope and homes for children is the host of the 2-season, 14-episode podcast. Straight from the heart is a Hope and Homes for Children production.

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Season 2, Episode 7: About the unseen child and a little bit of hope. A dialogue with Cuzin Toma

Season 2, Episode 6: On how it feels to be the father of three girls. A dialogue with Mihai Morar

Season 2, Episode 5: To accept one’s negative parts — the toughest part of being a parent. A dialogue with Atena Boca

Season 2, Episode 4: There’s an alarming increase in the number of children experiencing panic attacks. A dialogue with Dr. Mihai Craiu

Season 2, Episode 3: Many a time I said, “I just can’t go on!”. A dialogue with Maia Morgenstern

Season 2, Episode 2: Parents have a great power to destroy or uplift a child. A dialogue with Oana Moraru

Season 2, Episode 1: A good parent is a parent comfortable with themselves. A dialogue with Adela Popescu

Season 1, Episode 7: An episode to just make you laugh (and occasionally cry). A dialogue with Mihai Bobonete

Season 1, Episode 6: How do you face fears of abandonment. A dialogue with Horia Brenciu and Diana Stănculeanu

Season 1, Episode 5: Even as a child, I was an early adult. A dialogue with Irina Rimes and David Popovici 

Season 1, Episode 4: When a child is not loved, that’s trauma! A dialogue with Marius Manole and Dr. Gabriel Cicu

Season 1, Episode 3: When my heart stopped: seeing my son leave home at 16. A dialogue with Mihaela Rădulescu

Season 1, Episode 2: How to make children close by, even when they move away? A dialogue with Andreea Esca and Alexia Eram

Season 1, Episode 1: parents’ tantrums and how we can treat them. A dialogue with Dana Rogoz and Gáspár György

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