donate through sms

change for the better the lives of children living in poverty

when done on a monthly basis, you provide children living in vulnerable environments access to our normality: access to food, to clothing and footwear, to medicines and school.

2 € / month

send HOPE through sms to 8844. you can unsubscribe anytime by sending HOPE STOP to 8844.

4 € / month

send HOPE through SMS to 8864. you can unsubscribe anytime by sending HOPE STOP to 8864.

support vulnerable children to remain home, safely, together with their parents, away from orphanages.

the value of an SMS donation and the value allocated to the cause is EUR 2, respectively 4, by month. VAT is not charged for donations made from a subscription plan. the VAT is charged when prepaid credit is purchased in Digi Mobil, Orange România and Telekom România, for prepaid cards. for the donations made from prepaid cards on Vodafone network, the users do not pay VAT. campaign implemented with the support of Digi Mobil, Orange România, Telekom România and Vodafone.

whom do you help?

39% of Romania’s children live in extreme poverty, some of them with less than 5 euro/day.


orphanages closed down


family type homes built


children removed from orphanages


children remained together with their parents