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#ImHerefor ukrainian children

what’s happening in ukraine these days seems like it’s made out of the most terrifying nightmare. as shocking, incredible and atrocious this reality is now, we have an obligation to offer help. there are approximatively 100,000 children in institutions in Ukraine. we’ll have many more war orphans, as the conflict progresses.

in times like these, we’d almost like to close our eyes and say “stop”. “it’s just too much”. but, for ukrainians, it’s even more terrifying. so here is how we help on both sides of the border. also, here’s how we can use our help:

how you can help now

  • donate by card
  • donate by SMS: send HOPE to 8844 for a 2 Euro monthly donation, or HOPE to 8864 for a 4 Euro monthly donation
  • make a wire transfer to the dedicated “support for ukraine” account: RO40BRDE 250SV 36784 292500

our priority are the children who come from orphanages in ukraine

we contribute with what’s necessary. our support varies from providing warm meals for the refugees to equipping centres that receive them. we donated beds, bedding, towels, blankets, pillows and hygiene products. we paid for or found accommodation, we provided perishable and non-perishable food, medical supplies and medicine, personal hygiene products, warm clothes. we take care directly of 230 children who were institutionalised in ukraine and have managed to cross the border in romania.

in partnership with the authorities, we are preparing centres that house refugees. we recently found ukrainian translators. we work with psychologists because the people who cross the border are scared, exhausted, traumatized, disoriented. they need some kind words and understanding, who wouldn’t?

for now, a large part of the ukrainian refugees choose to only cross through romania. they have already chosen other destinations in western europe, so we help them short-term, while they’re in romania.

the needs change from one day to the next. we are trying to adapt to the new realities as fast as possible.

what we do on the Romanian side of the border

  • we support 230 children from orphanages in Ukraine, who are now in Romania
  • we help Ukrainian refugees who cross the border these days
  • we support centres who receive Ukrainian refugees
  • we are part of the blue dot centres in sighetu marmației and siret
  • we provide psychological support to refugees

what we do at the Ukrainian side of the border

we have already made a shipment of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and over-the-counter medicines to hospitals in the cities of solotvyno and ivano-frankivsk. in this transport we also included sleeping bags, neoprene mattresses, hygienic-sanitary products and non-perishable food.

a second shipment, with 1,400 kilograms of fruits and vegetables and 100 sanitary kits, left at the end of march for the city hall in ivano-frankivsk.

transfer directly to the foundation

account in lei: RO40 BRDE 250S V367 8429 2500
account in euro: RO83 BRDE 250S V187 7926 2500
account in dollars: RO96 BRDE 250S V190 2829 2500

Accounts opened at BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Baia Mare Branch

thank you!