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After 25 years of interventions for the benefit of vulnerable children,
Hope and Homes for Children says: #WhoNotWhat!

A child does not need a lot of clothes, toys or sweets to be happy. A child needs to grow up at home, near his parents, to feel loved and safe.

Because every child needs SOMEONE, not just SOMETHING, to gain momentum towards life.


+42.000 children

kept at home, in their families and away from the orphanage

+69 closed orphanages

over 7000 children removed from there and 1900 returned home

127 family homes

built for children in orphanages

2400 young people

guided for independent living

Children without parents need someone, not just something.

When they have no one, they actually need us all.

For 25 years, we have been SOMEBODY for nobody's children.

Children without parents need someone, not just something.

When they have no one, they actually need us all.

„Performance and success come and go. What's really important is what good you can build around yourself, starting from them.”
- David Popovici

David Popovici, SOMEONE not only on the podium

„Performance and success come and go. What's really important is what good you can build around yourself, starting from them.”
- David Popovici

David Popovici becomes, starting in 2023, the voice of the most vulnerable children and young people in Romania, those who still live in the shadow of orphanages or are in danger of being institutionalized.

Along with Amalia Enache, Alexandru Tomescu, Marius Manole and Mihai Morar, David is the fifth Ambassador for children who grow up without the love of a home, without the support of a family in which to flourish and develop. To all these children, David says: #IAmHere.
David Popovici:
I had the chance to have my work encouraged and supported, to be rewarded afterwards. Life is a championship and we all deserve to win it, especially these kids. And I don't want to imagine what it would have been like if my parents weren't there every morning, making me breakfast at 5 am, or if all my folks weren't there, at my first competitions, with signs that they wrote: "David, the dolphin boy"! And I wonder what it's like for a kid growing up in an institution, I think he just feels rootless. But these children need to know that they can succeed, too. That's why I chose to join Hope and Homes for Children and I want us to be, together, the ones who tell them: you can!


Only in 2023, we prevented the institutionalization of over 1,700 children. Thanks to your support, they were able to stay in the family, where it is best for them and away from the trauma of separation.

A simple family with 3 children. And a beautiful dream to have a house. Mom and dad took a bank loan and set out together to build a house for their future and that of their children. Every brick – a promise, every penny – a sacrifice for a better life.

But life, with all its cruelty, hit them mercilessly. Cancer took their father, leaving behind agony and debt. The money, hard-earned for their dream, went towards the desperate fight against the disease.

It was necessary for you to become SOMEONE, along with all of us. We helped the mother and the 3 children when they needed hope the most, first with what was most urgent: clothes, shoes, a boiler and an oven. We continue to stay by their side with punctual help, but also giving them our strength to move forward.

In Romania, one of the most common reasons why children are separated from their parents and end up in an orphanage is poverty.

That is why we have been fighting for 25 years so that poverty does not separate children from their parents - through the "My family, my all" program.

Did you know that?
  • In current Romania, 41% of children under 18 are at risk of poverty or social exclusion;
  • 1 in 4 children lives in homes without a bathroom or shower and without a functional toilet;
  • More than 1 million children live in communities that are not served by a social worker.

Here I found my place and peace. I love the children in the house and those who take care of us. They are and will be my family.” - Dora

SOMEONE from Home

In 2023, we completed the construction of 5 family homes, of which 2 in Brașov (Codlea municipality), 2 others in Bihor county and one in Bistrița-Năsăud. We also started the construction of 3 family homes in Iași county, in the communes of Aroneanu, Miroslava and Țuțora.

„Here I found my place and peace. I love the children in the house and those who take care of us. They are and will be my family.”
- Dora

Dora is 13 years old and has been living for several years in the family home we built in Cugir. When she is not involved in household chores, she likes to read either in a bright corner of the house or in the yard. And learning is simpler, "in the silence and harmony here".

In 2023, we put the lock on 3 orphanages - in Ilfov, Brașov and Botoșani. In 25 years of work for the benefit of vulnerable children, in total we have worked to close 69 mammoth institutions.

1500 children are still living now
in the 65 orphanages that still exist in Romania.

What does it mean to grow up in a family home?

Warm and stable environment

Children live as in any other family, surrounded by individualized attention and emotional support from specialized staff.

Strong ties

Children have the opportunity to form close bonds with each other as well as with their educators and caretakers – an essential foundation for their emotional and social development.


Children's lives can be structured as normally as possible, with daily routines and activities that help them feel safe and confident about their future. We thus reduce or avoid the negative effects associated with institutionalization.

Social integration

Children are more likely to integrate into the local community, attend the same school and participate in extracurricular activities, which contribute to their healthy development and positive social relationships.

We thank for their contribution to the joy and well-being of these children, in a different Home: Kaufland România, Inditex, JYSK România, Fundația Carl von Linde, LPP Fashion România, Asociației Umanitare Tester Grup.

SOMEONE for gifted children

Aura, Aurelia, Geo, Georgiana, Ingrid, Laur, Marinel, Matei, Răzvan, Sara, Smărandița, Sonia, Ștefania, Teodor and Vlad are the 15 DAR scholarship recipients of the second edition of the program launched in 2022, designed to discover vulnerable children with outstanding results, to support their performance so that their shortcomings do not rob them of their right to shine.

  • Each annual scholarship awarded under the "DAR Scholarships" program is worth 2,000 euros. Scholars get the chance to follow their dreams, participate in competitions or improve their skills by accessing resources that support them to become themselves.
  • The program provides financial support and creates a learning and development environment where these children and young people can grow and take their talent further.

With each name, we bring to light the story of a fighter, a dreamer, an unique talent. These 15 extraordinary children and young people shine in the field of art, science, sports or school, and we stand by them, giving wings and encouraging them to reach for the stars.

We first met the DAR #2 scholars in the summer of 2023, in the camp where we opened together our hearts, with games and stories about ourselves and the world, plans, dreams and vulnerabilities.

They learned from Amalia Enache, Marius Manole and Adrian Rădulescu what self-confidence means and understood that they can turn difficulties into opportunities for personal growth and development. They were encouraged to explore their passions and follow their dreams, regardless of the encountered obstacles.

Together with Marius Manole, they visited the National Theater I.L. Caragiale from Bucharest, played sports in the Comana adventure park, laughed and made friends.

At the end of the year, we celebrated the scholarship recipients at the gala of the second edition of the DAR Scholarships. Through their determination, talent and strength, the scholars show us that what may seem impossible can, in fact, be achieved.

David Popovici met the scholarship holders of the first edition of the DAR Scholarships in the spring of 2023. They all came from all over the country to meet him, with the joy of children who received the most precious gift. They talked about performance, about vulnerability in all its forms, about the power of a smile offered at the right moment and about the small joys that make life, in fact, beautiful; about (un)luck and how you keep believing in yourself despite the hard times.

We thank to those who support excellence together with us: AFI Europe România, Alliance Healthcare România, Banca Transilvania, B&B Collection, Douglas Romania and PENNY Romania.

Alexandru is now at home. After many years spent in the orphanage, away from his mother, he was finally able to return to where he is loved. And he is the happiest.

SOMEONE in the family

Alexandru is now at home. After many years spent in the orphanage, away from his mother, he was finally able to return to where he is loved. And he is the happiest.

Because Home was not, however, the warm house that every child needs, and the clay floor made it difficult for him to move with a wheelchair, we intervened. We contributed to the creation of a home where Alexandru would feel good and which would ensure his comfort and accessibility, but also prepare him for school in good conditions. All this because we wanted to give Alexandru not only a shelter, but also a place to build and fulfil his dreams.

In order to return to the family, it is necessary that SOMEONE helps the parents or extended family, to be able to provide the children with a welcoming and safe Home. In 2023, we returned 80 children to the arms of a loved one, who are now growing up as any child should: with love.

When we close an orphanage, the most beautiful victories are those in which a child who has lived for years away from his family, returns Home. There is no greater reward than to see a child reunited with his parents or family members, back in the heart from which he was separated.

  • Every effort and every obstacle we’ve overcome becomes meaningful the moment we see the child's smile, feeling safe and loved again. It is a confirmation of the power of care and our commitment to the well-being of the most vulnerable children.
  • The children who come home motivate us to create a more fulfilling future for all the other children who need your help and ours.

Thank you on behalf of all the children who were able to return to where they are best – Home: Alliance Healthcare, ProTV.

– David Popovici

David Popovici and over 2,500 donors,
SOMEONE for 5 musician brothers.

– David Popovici

David Popovici donated his birthday in 2023 so that 5 musician brothers in the Hope and Homes for Children programs, all with extraordinary musical talent, could have a home of their own. And he managed to collect on his birthday the money needed to buy an apartment for them. Even to exceed by 25% the amount of 45,000 euros that he set out to collect.

Andrei plays the violin and has already graduated from the Conservatory, Matei and Bogdan play the piano and are in the second year. Teodor studies classical singing and David the guitar, both in the twelfth grade and they are also preparing for the Conservatory. In their hands are not only the instruments and the talent, but also the story of a life dedicated to art, of a struggle for the beauty and passion of each musical note.

  • Without support, a child cannot excel, no matter how much they want to. I think about how much I've achieved, how much I've learned from work and my journey so far, always having my parents by my side, offering me everything I needed to perform”.

2,500 donations from good people made it possible for David's dream to come true and for us to be confident that we can say, with all our hearts, #IAmHere, when we look at children who are performing, but marked by fragility and difficulty.

At the beginning of 2024, we purchased the apartment where the 5 brothers can sing and dream; now they are happy and at peace, and their hearts give life to the music with a force they have never done before. And they are grateful for everyone who was SOMEBODY in their lives and showed them that they are not alone.

Most of the employees at the centre were women. That's how I was able to 'trick' my longing for my mother” - Sergiu


„Most of the employees at the centre were women. That's how I was able to 'trick' my longing for my mother”
- Sergiu

In the absence of his mother, Sergiu was always looking for SOMEONE to give him love. Surrounded, over the years, by maternal nurses and educators from different centres, Sergiu actually had several mothers. In every foster family and foster care he was moved to, he tried to find his place. But, despite all the obstacles and disappointments he encountered, Sergiu never forgot to be grateful to those who stood by him.

Today, he is a master's student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and is working to realize his dreams. He wants to become a sport teacher and build the family he always dreamed of having.

We are together with Sergiu on his journey to independence and help him make his house truly a Home, a welcoming place that he has never really had before.

Young people who leave orphanages at the age of 18 are still children, but they need SOMEONE to guide them in their first steps towards adult life. Last year we supported more than 158 young people who left the protection system when reached the age of 18. We stayed by their side and offered them help for independent living, through socio-professional integration programs, material support and counselling.

  • When leaving the protection system, young people not only need shelter and food, but also the tools and resources to build their own lives and integrate into society.
  • For many of them, the lack of support and financial resources prevents them from continuing their education or benefiting from vocational training programs. That's why we, Hope and Homes for Children, provide these young people with vocational training programs and support to find a suitable job.

In addition, we also focus on developing the life skills necessary for them to cope in the real world - managing personal finances, finding a suitable space to live in and developing communication and relationship skills.

Thank you for helping us to be SOMEONE in the lives of young people who have no one: Concentrix + Webhelp, Think Human Foundation, Raiffeisen Bank, Starbucks România and The Starbucks Foundation, NN, DB Global Tehnology.

SOMEONE who inspires

How are the Hope and Homes summer camps? Like journeys towards knowing oneself and the world: two weeks full of inspiration, in Bucharest and in Șuior, in Maramureș, full of activities and valuable learning, with special guests who encouraged them to develop personally and professionally, sharing their own success stories and challenges.

They were full days for children who need role models, success stories, examples of resilience and strength, new perspectives. They were joined by athletes who showed them that hard work and determination can lead to success; journalists who opened their eyes to the world around them and inspired them to share their own stories; artists who showed them that every dream can become a reality; trainers who encouraged them to discover their own strengths and overcome any obstacle. All these people were sources of inspiration that children need in order to build new perspectives and believe in their limitless potential.

Every moment spent in these camps was a valuable lesson, an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, to gain useful learnings to apply in their own lives. The children left the camp stronger, more confident in their own strength and what they can achieve. They understood that nothing is ever easy and that you have to fight to get where you want to be. And that giving up when you feel you can no longer continue is not a solution. Because when there is desire, determination and power, anything is possible.

Thank you, NN, for these weeks of inspiration, learning and unique experiences!

SOMEONE who does not forget that every child
is entitled to love and support

AMI, Mihai Bobonete, Maria Popovici are just a few of our good people, ready to give generously and get involved in the good of those around them.

AMI said #IAmHere for Vladuț, the 11-year-old boy who wished to receive bread for his birthday. And Ami wanted to offer him not only bread, but also to repair the roof through which the rain and wind blew. And she succeeded.

Maria Popovici wanted to help Alexandru, the boy in a wheelchair, back home after many years spent at the orphanage. Thanks to Maria, Alexandru is no longer cold. The walls of the house are insulated, and the bathroom is being built and equipped, and the porch of the house will soon have a door and windows.

Mihai Bobonete wished that Robi, one of our #DAR scholars, have the vacation he had dreamed of for 17 years. To see the world and know that it is good. Accompanied by the maternal assistant who has been raising him for more than 15 years, Robi visited Barcelona. He explored the famous modernist architecture of Gaudí and the historical beauty of the medieval districts. He enjoyed the vibrant streets, energy and colour.

  • „It was a journey that filled my heart with joy and made me feel more alive than ever”
    – Robi.

Other Good people, whom we had close to us in 2023: Dragoș Petrescu, Liviu Teodorescu, Mihai Petre, Maximilian Ioan, ARTmania.

SOMEONE who has been saying, for 25 years, #IAmHere

We celebrated 25 years of Hope and Homes for Children in Romania surrounded by children, in a special event created with and for them. Together with AMI Official, Emma de la ZU and the talent of the magician Robert Tudor, the atmosphere was truly magical.

Celebrating together with the children, we felt the power and impact we have in the lives of tens of thousands of children we have been with over the years. In 1998, in Baia Mare, just a few people started the journey with just a simple principle - "children from orphanages need love, attention and support as much as any other children". 25 years later, the journey is not over yet.

SOMEONE for Ukraine

Together with local and international donors, in 2023 we continued to provide support to more than 2,700 adults and children in Ukraine.

Out of the 1700 Ukrainian children, 175 are institutionalized ones and are hosted in Bucharest and in Prahova, Brașov, Sibiu and Iasi counties.

We provided support by facilitating access to the labour market for adults, accessing health and educational services for children, organizing social activities, camps, trips, talent development workshops and psychological counselling.

We supported the members of the communities and centres in Sibiu, Brașov, Iași, Prahova, Maramureș, Ilfov and Bucharest, helping them with food and hygiene products, clothing and footwear, and contributing to the expansion of the accommodation capacity of the centre in Băicoi and its equipment with furniture.

Together, we demonstrated that care and solidarity can go beyond be transmitted beyond the language barrier, especially in difficult times.

We thank to all who have been SOMEONE for us in 2023:

Amalia Enache, AMI, Alexandra Ungureanu, Alina Tănasă, Andreea Vasile, Atena Boca, Cătălin Bordea, Corina Caragea, Cosmin Stan, David Popovici, Elwira Petre, Emma de la ZU, Ionela și Marius Cozmiuc, Lavinia Petrea, Lidia Buble, Mihai Morar, Oana Zamfir, Omid Ghannai, magicianul Robert Tudor, Ramona Păuleanu, Roxana Hulpe


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Go to and choose the amount you want to donate, monthly or once.


Complete and sign the form HERE, until May 24, 2024. We will take care of sending it to ANAF.

FORM 177

Request ANAF to redirect to Hope and Homes for Children unused amounts during the year, up to 20% of income tax/profit from taxes already paid. You can find more information about Form 177 HERE.


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  • we create a fundraising page for you, then send you the link to your donation page;
  • you spread the word to friends and invite them to donate.

We thank you because, through the power of the community, we were able to close orphanages and build family homes in 2023 too, keep children close to their parents and help the most vulnerable young people get a good start for an independent life!


Sponsorships and donations 11,064,989 lei
Grants 1,258,161 lei
Hope and Homes for Children network 7,499,254 lei
European Funds 639,351 lei
Other incomes 1,481,798 lei
TOTAL 21,943,554 lei


Development of infrastructure services (family houses, transit centers, community centers, etc.) 6,791,063 lei
Prevention of separation of the child from the family 2,680,077 lei
Family reintegration 507,493 lei
The socio-professional insertion of young people 775,439 lei
Other programmatic expenses 2,211,453 lei
European Funds 608,908 lei
Salaries and operational costs: 12,816,096 lei
- Operational costs 6,186,457 lei
- Direct salaries 3,447,412 lei
- Indirect salaries 3,182,227 lei
TOTAL 26,390,528 lei

Given that the investments in the social protection infrastructure made by the Foundation (construction of family houses, transit centres, Respiro centres, community centres, etc.) take place over several years, the expenses related to the transferred properties vary annually, as the properties are completed, furnished and equipped and subsequently donated. The costs related to these buildings are recorded in the accounting at the time of their transfer, that is, when making the final inventory and donating the buildings to the final beneficiary (public authorities or other entities).

We say openly and honestly that all this GOOD would not have been possible without our partners who turn our thoughts into GOOD deeds: