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Două noi servicii pentru copiii și tinerii vulnerabili din zona Moldovei

Two new support systems for vulnerable children and young adults in the Moldova region

In mid August, we inaugurated the third family-type house that we built in Neamț county, as well as the first Transit, Assistance and Counselling Center in Botoșani county. The constructions were built with the support of Kaufland România and in partnership with the local authorities.

A new home for 12 children from Neamț

The 12 children who will move into the “Veronica” family house are between the ages of 11 and 17 and come from the “Ion Creangă” Placement Center in Piatra Neamț. The new house awaits them with a spacious living room on the ground floor, kitchen, laundry room and terrace, and on the first floor with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The “Veronica” house is the third family-type house built with the support of Kaufland Romania in Neamț county. The total value of Kaufland Romania’s investments for vulnerable children in the county amounts to 620,000 euros.

The first two homes that we built supported the closure of the “Elena Doamna” placement center, while this third house contributes to the closure of the “Ion Creangă” placement center in Piatra Neamț.

Closer to what’s normal

“All the family-type houses built by Hope and Homes for Children offer children and young people an environment as close as possible to a family one. A maximum of 12 children live in such a house and enjoy hosting, care, education, emotional support and counselling for the development of independent life skills”, says Robert Ion, Fundraising and Communication Director of Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

„Thank you, Kaufland Romania, for the fact that, together, we can ensure that these children lead a life as close to the normalcy of our our lives as possible, and to our partners from Consiliul Județean Neamț and Direcția Generală de Asistență Socială și Protecția Copilului Neamț for all the support we received during the process of deinstitutionalisation in the county”, adds Robert Ion.

Kaufland Romania’s investment in the first transit centre in Botoșani

În Centrul de Tranzit, Asistență și Consiliere construit în Botoșani se vor muta tinerii care părăsesc sistemul de protecție din județ. Ei vor beneficia de cazare între 6 și 24 de luni, precum și de sprijin din partea unui asistent social, psiholog și asistent medical. Kaufland Romania’s investment amounts to 215.000 euro.

With a capacity of 8 places in individual studios, the Transit, Assistance and Counselling Center from Botoșani county addresses the critical problem of housing, but also of education and assistance for vulnerable young people, so that they can start an independent life and have access to the labour market.

A future that we’re building right now

“It is with great joy that we inaugurate two new buildings built for vulnerable children and young people in the Moldovan area and thus reconfirm the commitment that we, at Kaufland Romania, undertake towards the local community. The strategic partnership with Hope and Homes for Children is not about how much a house costs, it’s about Iulia, Marius, George and all the other children and young people who grow up in family homes or transit centres built together in the last 6 years. The most important investment is in their future, and the fact that we can contribute to the foundation of their lives is the greatest fulfillment for us”, says Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR Manager Kaufland Romania.