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Casa pe care am construit-o pentru fosta vicecampioană mondială la canotaj juniori, Florentina Filipovici este gata. Casa este situată în satul natal al acesteia, din județul Suceava. Amalia Enache, campionii mondiali la canotaj, Ionela și Marius Cozmiuc au fost cei care i-au înmânat Florentinei cheile casei.

Florentina's house is ready!

The house we’ve built for the former world vice-champion in junior rowing, Florentina Filipovici, is ready. The house is located in her native village, in Suceava county. Amalia Enache and the world rowing champions, Ionela and Marius Cozmiuc were the ones who handed Florentina the keys to her house.

David Popovici’s equipment collected donations worth over 40,000 euros

In August, David Popovici donated his champion’s helmet and glasses as part of the fundraising campaign we’ve initiated. Just three months away, the house was completed and the former vice champion moved Home together with her three children.

The companies also said #IAmHere

At its turn, the company Genpact answered our call and doubled the amount collected from donations. JYSK Romania furnished and accessorized the entire house. Thus, in record time, Florentina’s biggest dream came true: the one of offering her children the safety of a Home. In addition, battling a serious illness, the new home will offer her the peace and comfort she so desperately needs.

David Popovici sent Florentina a message


Florentina’s former colleagues raised the money needed to purchase the land

The land on which the house is built was purchased as a result of the humanitarian campaign carried out by Florentina’s former colleagues, through the Romanian Rowing Federation. The humanitarian gesture came at the initiative of world rowing champions, Ionela and Marius Cozmiuc. Together with other members of the national rowing team, they raised a total of 100,000 lei.