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Andrei and his siblings will be together again, in a family-type home built with support from Inditex

Andrei is 12 years old and he was born in an isolated village in Bihor County. Until he was 8 years old, he lived with his parents and younger siblings in a very poor one-room house – but it was home. When his father was imprisoned and his mother remained alone with three children, without any income, local authorities became aware of the situation; their living conditions were getting worse by the day, as the mother could no longer cover the costs for heating, food or clothes for the children, therefore the children were no longer safe.

However, the children were not removed from their home, but the mother was supported financially and received counselling, so that she could manage on her own and the children could stay with the family; after several months of intervention, the living conditions did not improve much; on the contrary – the children were even more neglected. As a result, CPD Bihor took Andrei and his siblings and placed them in an orphanage in Oradea.

Although they are together in the same institution, the three siblings do not share a room, because of the age difference between them. As an older brother, Andrei is trying to protect his younger siblings as much as he can, but the building they live in is big, there are a lot of other children there and they want to be back together, just the three of them. They miss their father, with whom they talk on the phone. They also miss their grandmother, who visits them whenever she can, but she cannot afford to take them to live with her.

Andrei and his siblings are 3 of the children who will move together in the family-type home that we will build in Bihor, with support from Inditex. The 3 siblings will share a bedroom and will grow up together, in a house that will be much closer to Home. Only 12 children will inhabit the new home, compared to 60 children with whom Andrei is sharing his current home.