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Revolut users may donate straight from the app

Starting in April 2022, Revolut users may donate straight from the app to children and families supported by Hope and Homes for Children.

“With the help of donors, we take care of the children from the orphanages and of those at risk of being separated from their parents, due to poverty. Once the war began, we said #IAmHere for the children without parents from Ukraine as well“, says Robert Ion, Director of Fundraising & Communication Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

“We prepare the centers where they are housed and offer food, medicine, personal hygiene products, clothes, school supplies and psychological support. We are extremely happy to be present on the donations section of Revolut. Thus, we come even closer to those who, in their turn, want to say #IAmHere to both Romanian and Ukrainian children”, adds Robert Ion.

How can you donate?

In order to donate through Revolut, just select Hope and Homes for Children Romania from the Donations section. Users will be able to make one-time payments or opt for recurring donations by choosing the desired amounts. No fees or commissions will be charged for these donations. There is also the option to donate spare change by rounding up the transaction amount. For example, for purchases worth 49.90 lei, by rounding to the next round figure (50), users who have chosen this option will donate 0.1 lei to Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

Whom are you helping?

From the beginning of the war until now, Hope and Homes for Children took care of 230 children from classical or family orphanages from Ukraine who were taken over by DGASPC Bucharest, Iasi, Prahova and Brasov. So far, the Foundation has provided financial, logistical and human support worth over 100.000 Euro in the accommodation and childcare process for children with protection measures from Ukraine, but also through emergency interventions in refugee reception centres.

Solidarity, a fundamental value of Revolut

“For us, the people at Revolut, solidarity is a fundamental value. The technology we develop is meant to contribute not only to the increase of life quality when we look towards our customers, but also to their involvement in causes that respond to urgent society needs or in causes in which they believe and find themselves”, says Gabriela Simion, Revolut Romania Branch Head and Head of Lending.

“Donations, a feature launched two years ago, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, opened to Romanian users the possibility to support with just one click, directly from the application, through single or recurring donations, the causes that correspond to the principles that guide their lives. Today, we add Hope and Homes for Children and we are proud of the way in which our innovative technology manages to bring together non-governmental organizations that are messengers of good in the Romanian society and people who want to make a difference, just as Revolut customers have proven to be”, adds Gabriela Simion.

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