Starting this year, we are launching the DAR Scholarships, a program designed to support vulnerable children with extraordinary results in school, arts or sports, so that they can continue to excel.

The DAR Scholarship Amounts

2.000 euros is the value of each of the 10 excellence scholarships offered this year with the support of JYSK Romania and Alliance Healtcare România. Guided by our social workers, the young scholars will use the scholarships, to support their performances and not to abandon their dream.

Each year, we’ll aim to support excellence where lack and vulnerability risk robbing truly extraordinary children of their right to shine.

The first DAR Scholarships

Aurelia, Ștefania, Luminița, Ingrid, Marian, Narcisa, Georgiana, Sara, Andrei and Roberto are the first primii 10 DAR Scholarship recipients. We awarded the scholarships following a selection process consisting of performance evaluation, a presentation essay and an online interview. We sincerely thank our jury: Diana Vasile, Institutul pentru Studiul si Tratamentul Traumei; Dorin Boabeș,; Mihai Morar; Florin Negruţiu; Alexandru Tomescu; and our colleagues Anamaria Vid and Radu Tohătan!

The DAR Camp

And because we really wanted to get to know these wonderful children, we invited them to a camp for a few days, hosted by Courtyard by Marriott Floreasca. We hugged, enjoyed what brought us close, got to know each other and had a good time together. There were days with lots of games and (some serious) play in the park, with funny situations that our good friends at Ascendis prepped for us.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who is investing in education and the children’s right to excel, even more so that of children from vulnerable environments!