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The 128th Home officially opens its doors to welcome its children.

Today was about the inauguration of the house in Țuțora, where we enjoyed a new success together with our partners. We are one more Home closer to erasing orphanages from the map and from the hearts of vulnerable children in Romania.

We built the house with the financial support of the Tester Grup Humanitarian Association and in collaboration with the local authorities. What we wanted was to ensure the peace of the nest for the new house, which we managed with the help of our friends at JYSK Romania, as we have been doing for 8 years already. The furniture and decorations are what give the rooms color and the feeling of comfort. The volunteers from JYSK Romania helped us with the installation of the furniture and the decoration of the house. Everything so that 12 children with special physical and intellectual needs can find their own nice place here. They will leave the Ion Holban Placement Center in Iași to start another life in their new Home. The house has all the necessary facilities: generous living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all adapted to the needs of children.

Situated on a generous plot of approximately 5,000 square meters, this home offers a welcoming and well-equipped space for children who need a safe and stable home. The project was made possible thanks to the support provided by the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Iași, in partnership with the Iași County Council and the Town Hall of Tuțora. Thus, we were provided with a suitable garden both for the construction of the house and for activities that can be carried out safely outside.

„Children need love, education adapted to their needs, constant emotional support and sometimes specialized counselling. A safe and stimulating environment is essential in anyone’s childhood, especially theirs. We thank our partners for their commitment. Through them, we manage to offer these children, this time, a family home where they can feel safe, supported and protected”, Ștefan Dărăbuș, National Director of Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

In addition to the family house in the Țuțora commune, we are in the process of completing the construction of 2 other houses, in the communes of Aroneanu and Miroslava. By building these 3 family houses, we will definitively put the lock on the Ion Holban Placement Center in Iași.