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The Romanian Olympic Rowing Team joined the #WhoNotWhat campaign

The Romanian Olympic Rowing Team was present at the event organized this week in ParkLake Shopping Center, to show their support for the 2,000 children who still live in orphanages and for whom we are struggling to build family homes and provide them with a life as close to normality as possible.

The champions-rowers Adam Adriana, Adam Constantin, Axintoi Andrei, Bejan Sergiu, Bereș Amalia, Bereș Mădălina, Buhuș Iuliana, Cozmiuc Ionela, Danciu Alexandru Laurențiu, Dumitru Mariana, Lehaci Maria, Lehaci Florin, Rusu Magdalena, Tîlvescu Denisa, Țigănescu Mihăiță, Van Groningen Gianina, Vrînceanu Ioana were with us.

They symbolically gave impetus to the swing that we built, which represents the unconditional love that parents feel for their child; it also draws attention to what a child in an orphanage lacks the most: the love, attention, care and warmth of a family.

After 25 years of interventions to support the most vulnerable children, we say #WhoNotWhat

The swing, designed by the architect Federica Sala and built by us, for the first time, in Romania, communicates the strong message <Every child needs SOMEONE, not just SOMETHING, in order to gain momentum towards life>.

And for that, it is necessary that, together, we close the last orphanages in Romania and be the ones to change the future of children without parents.

ParkLake Shopping Center is hosting our swing until the end of the year

The Hope and Homes for Children swing is hosted pro bono by ParkLake Shopping Center, and children and families can enjoy it until the end of the year.