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Campania umanitară #ÎnchideCercul a strâns de la părinții români peste 487.000 de euro. Această sumă-record ne permite să punem lacătul pe poarta orfelinatului din Rupea, județul Brașov.

The first family house built by the parents

More than that, the amount collected also ensures the purchase of the land, as well as the furnishing and complete equipment of three other family houses.

16,400 parents answered the call of the #ClosetheCircle campaign

Thousands of parents from the LaPrimulBebe community auctioned objects, experiences, meetings with personalities or people who have a story to tell, in order to collect the amount needed to build the family home. Many thousands more bid, touched by the pain of the abandonment they experienced in one form or another during their life. Thus, they laid a brick at the foundation of the house meant to bring the normality into the existence of single children.

The first home offered by parents to children from orphanages

We are happy that, after almost 25 years of activity and 122 family houses built with the support of companies, we are able to raise the first house together with individual donors: it is the first that parents offer to vulnerable children. And our joy was even greater seeing how strongly the parents’ hearts beat. Their contributions exceeded the threshold necessary to build a family home. They will allow us both to purchase the land for construction and to furnish and equip three more family houses.