team hope in 2022

you’re running for for children who are at risk of being torn from their families

join team hope by contacting loredana at loredana[at], 0731 497 402.

the color run powered by kaufland

the last race of the color run this year is the bucharest night run, on september 17

bucharest marathon

raiffeisen bank bucharest marathon: the races take place on october 8-9

azuga trail race powered by jysk

azuga trail race will take place on october 22 and you can choose from 4 routes – 2.5 km, 13 km, 20 or 31 km – all with challenging climbs, fast descents and fabulous scenery.

how can you help as a sports-fundraiser?

well, it’s pretty simple: you help the children and the families we support every year. you keep children at home, with their families, parents and siblings – and away from orphanages. it’s so simple, but your help means so much. and for that we thank you!

how you help, how we help

  • using the form below, you tell us which event you want to participate in. alternatively, send a message to loredana [at], or call 0731 497 402.
  • we create your fundraising page on galantom and help you as we best know to prepare you for the race;
  • you raise at least 500 lei / race for participating in the color run events or at least 600 lei / race for the bucharest half marathon or marathon*;
  • we thank you by showing you exactly, step by step, whose life you change and how.

* The minimum level of donations differs, because we have different costs depending on the running event, the specific race or who organises it.

team hope since the beginning of the year until now

in january 2022, our plans for the beginning of the year were different, but the reality of the recent events in ukraine made us turn our attention to the children who cross our border. for them, team hope gathered at băneasa forest run. find out what we continue to do for Ukraine refugee children here.

moreover, we continue on the commitment to build a house for a family with 7 children who are in great need. the parents, the seven children, including 2 young adults, live in 2 makeshift rooms made out of beams and pressed clay, which were affected by a recent fire (find out more about the family here).

so that the 7 children won’t be placed in an orphanage, the family needs a proper home. they deserve a home like every child does, a safe place where they can live decently and do their homework. a home that is no longer at risk of catching fire. the parents, the 2 young adults of the family, the mayor and the neighbours intend to help build the house, and the town hall is going to take care of all the necessary documents, including connecting the home to utilities.

you and all of us will have to build the rest. let’s make a normal, decent home for seven children. brick by brick from every mile run.

if there’s something we’ve missed, write us at loredana [at] or contact us at 0731 497 402.

races for which registrations have closed:

  • băneasa forest run powered by kaufland, April 10;
  • the color run (all editions, less the bucharest night run);
  • omv petrom bucharest half-marathon, may 7-8.

team hope

you’re working out and helping at the same time

team hope gathers around committed athletes and passionate beginners alike, sponsors, partners, volunteers or endorsers who support children and young adults in the programmes implemented by hope and homes for children. until now, more than 3,500 participants, 550 volunteers and dozens of sponsors and partners have run, swam or ridden bicycles.

team hope in 2021

although the sports events were held under special conditions, we took our sneakers out of storage to give marina a scholarship for her 3 years of studies. together, we made it! conscientious as we know her, the first thing Marina did with her scholarship was to buy a laptop for online college classes.

your help measured in km

tell us what sport you prefer and we will contact you with additional information