If you have ever heard:
”Mum, don’t leave!”,
you know what is there in the heart of the children from orphanages every day.

The greatest fear of every child is to be separated from his/her parents. It is the fear felt by the child during the first days of kindergarten, the fear of parents when for just one moment they lose sight of their children in the park or in the crowd.

Unfortunately, for over 3800 children who are currently in institutions, this is a reality. A reality that begins with “Mum, don’t leave me here!” and goes on with years and years of expectations for a proper answer. From their parents or from us, the people from their lives. Between the fear of abandonment and the lack of a place to call “Home”, the children from orphanages have almost no chance to become the adult the society expects, but especially, accepts.

How can you help?

In 2022 we have to build 7 family type homes costing 1,82 mil Euros. They will become “Home” for the children from orphanages, once we close down these orphanages. At the same time we are currently supporting 265 families whose children are at risk from being separated from their parents and consequently institutionalized.

Say “I am here!” and keep children away from orphanages, away from the fear of abandonment

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Redirect 20% of your company’s income or profit taxes

Use your taxes in order to invest directly in the future of a child in need.

Donate with SMS

Send HOPE at the following no: 8864 (4 euros every month) or HOPE at: 8844 (2 euros every month)

Get involved in a different way

Offer your birthday as a gift, become a sportsperson in Team Hope or redirect 3,5%

Who are you supporting? Radu. And the other 3800 children like Radu.


My parents wouldn’t have wanted to leave me at the Institution

They kept borrowing money, kept asking the neighbours for everything they needed: food, clothes, work. After a while there was no one to help them. The neighbours did not call on my father anymore and he could not find work in the village. Our life was very difficult for several months. We ate corn and potatoes. Mashed potatoes and polenta. And rarely milk. My parents barely had something to eat, the little food we had was given to me and my two siblings.

My mother found out that if I went to the institution, at least I would have food. But that was not the reason why I went there. It was because I am the eldest child. Whom else to send instead? My 6 years old brother? The 4 -year old one? I went because I thought it would be the easiest for me. In the institution it was warm and yes, we had food, but I felt like I would have rather died.

I wanted to be with my family. I even ran away 4 times, I went home. And then I realized that my behaviour was upsetting everybody. The ladies from the institution, my parents, the police came and picked me up and took me back to the institution. I did not run away anymore ever since, but I am still not well. I want to go home.

Radu, 12 years old, has been in the orphanage for more than 14 months.

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