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Am sprijinit 8.000 de refugiați de la începutul conflictului din Ucraina

War in Ukraine, one year later: whom we helped and how

Ever since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, we have stayed closed to the refugees who arrived in Romania, with 1.8 million euro allocated to interventions, whether through emergency aid or continuous help. We offered support to Siret and Sighetu Marmației border points. We also helped throughout the year, especially children who came from Ukrainian orphanages.

We have supported 8,000 refugees since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine

In total, around 8,000 children and adults benefited from our support, which covered rent and utility costs, provided refugees with food, clothing, shoes, personal hygiene products, access to Romanian language courses and counselling regarding access to the labour market. We also ensured access to check-ups, medical and dental care, psychological or psychiatric interventions, as well as therapy sessions.

1,8 million euros allocated to support Ukrainian refugees

In total, we allocated 1.8 million euro to support refugees from Ukraine. Children were able to attend school both online (laptops, tablets) and physically, in the case of those who started school in Romania (backpacks, books, and educational resources). To offer them a life as close to normality as possible, we organised camps and trips, theatre, cinema and opera programs, as well as sports and leisure activities.

300 children who were institutionalised in Ukraine, continuously helped while in Romania

This extremely vulnerable category of children, under the care of Child Protection Departments in Bucharest, Iași, Prahova and Brașov, benefited from Hope and Homes for Children from aforementioned interventions and specialised human resources, such as psychologists, medical assistants, translators.

“After the bombing, everything is destroyed”

“After the bombing, everything is destroyed. I feel sad and my heart and soul ache when I think of Ukrainians living in difficult conditions, without light and without the most important things in life. Sometimes, when I’m not satisfied with the conditions I have here in Bucharest, I feel ashamed because I was given the chance to live here in peace, while people in Ukraine live in difficult conditions, without the bare necessities,” says Lola, a 16-year-old teenager.

Lola is one of the Ukrainian children who chose to share their pain and thoughts through photography. She, along with 9 other children, are the artists whose works are exhibited in the lobby of the Marmorosch hotel in Bucharest, between February 22-26, 2023.

You may see the children’s photos here. This project was possible thanks to Terre des Hommes Netherlands and Giro 555, who helped our interventions in the benefit of people who fled the war in Ukraine.