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A new family home in Bihor, built with the support of Inditex

The family home in Rontău, Bihor, is the 123rd home we have built for the benefit of institutionalized children and the 12th in the county. It will accommodate 12 children from the protection system, aged between 14-18 years, who lived in the Tinca Placement Center.

Built with the support of Inditex Romania on a land of approximately 2,000 m2, the new house has a very spacious living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Two family homes thanks to the support of Inditex Romania

The involvement of Inditex Romania refers to actions meant to prevent the child separation from the family and the construction of two family homes: one in Rontău, Bihor county and a second one in Iași county, whose construction will start shortly.

Our interventions in Bihor started in 2005

From 2005 until now, we have closed two orphanages, built 12 family houses, and soon we will start work on the 13th one.

We also supported 135 children through the Prevention of Child Separation from Family program, so that poverty does not tear them apart from what they value most in the world, the family.

In addition, we have been closed to 40 young people from Bihor who left the protection system at the age of 18. We offered them help for independent living through socio-professional counseling, psychological counseling and material support.