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A family-type home takes shape with the help of Linde Gaz Romania volunteers

A community is the force that can build a house and provide a family environment to children who have not yet known the warmth of a Home. Linde Gaz Romania volunteers are the community that joined us in the mission to support the most vulnerable families. Thus, together with them, we took care of the final touches in the house we are building with the support of the Carl von Linde Foundation, in Codlea, Brașov.

10 children with special needs will permanently move here, leaving the foster care center where they live at the moment. Once they move, we will put a lock on the center. Thus, its closure means a fresh new start for vulnerable children and a family environment in which they can grow up surrounded by care.

The new house is almost ready thanks to volunteers’ efforts and desire to do Good; they took care of the final details and painted the walls which will soon be decorated with the children’s cheerful and colorful designs. Their work was not easy, but it was loaded with meaning and they did not hesitate to do it, knowing how much Good it brings. They enjoyed seeing the home move towards completion, but most of all, they enjoyed imagining how the place would come to life once the kids moved in. The joy of helping is the greatest reward!

Nu toți copiii au șansa de a se naște într-o familie care să le ofere suportul emoțional de care au nevoie. Dar ei nu rămân singuri. Ei ne au pe noi și pe toți cei din comunitatea noastră, printre care și voluntarii Linde. Voluntariatul înseamnă comunitate, un ajutor bine-venit pentru familiile vulnerabile și curaj pentru noi să ne ducem misiunea mai departe. Sperăm ca prin puterea exemplului lor să aducem și mai multe fapte Bune în comunitatea noastră.

Not all children have the chance to be born into a family that provides them with the emotional support they need. But they are not alone. They have us and everyone in our community, including the Linde volunteers. Volunteering means community, a necessary aid for vulnerable families and courage for us not to take the mission further. We hope that through the power of their example we will bring even more Good deeds to our community.

Thank you, dear volunteers! Thank you, Carl von Linde Foundation! It is a joy to have you with us. And we look forward to seeing the children at Home.