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Summer camp diary, second edition

Between July 31-August 4, 2023, we organized in Șuior, Maramureș county, the second educational camp, dedicated to young people from the protection system in Cluj, Botoșani and Bistrița-Năsăud counties. Since 2020, we have organized, alongside NN camps that give young people the opportunity to develop their skills, gain new perspectives and learn from the experiences of others.

Day 1: What we can accomplish through volunteering

The young people were happy to have Dan Onoriu,  director of development and projects at AIST. He discussed the importance of volunteering and what it means to be involved in the community. Through his stories, Dan was able to capture the attention and interest of the entire group, ultimately expressing his joy of having worked with outstanding young people eager to develop, learn and improve their skills.

Day 2: Health and balance

The young people had a sport and yoga session supported by Dana Lucăcel. They learned about the importance of sports in maintaining the body and mind balance, enjoyed sports activities in the middle of nature, under the open sky, benefiting from the beauty of the landscapes and the fresh air.


Day 3: Life stories and motivation

The day started with the humorous stories of the actor Dragoș Călin from the Municipal Theatre in Baia Mare. Camp participants learned that difficulties and challenges should not be seen as insurmountable obstacles, but as opportunities to test their courage and skills.

In turn, US university professor Gustav Demeter, emphasized the importance of motivation and sustained effort on the way to professional success. He brought motivation to the fore as an essential role in determining the direction we take in our careers, a strong one being able to guide in choosing the right goals and persevering to achieve them, even in the face of difficulties and challenges encountered along the way.

Day 4: Cultural inspiration and authenticity

Entrepreneur Lucian Valea shared his story: how he turned a dream into reality, building an “oasis of peace” in the heart of Maramureș. Through his example, he demonstrated that perseverance and vision can bring successful projects to life.

Mariana Scubli, visual artist, offered young people a captivating introduction to the art of photography. She shared essential knowledge about photography techniques and emphasized the importance of preserving and passing on traditions through unique images. Through her photos, Mariana captured the essence of the culture and beauty of Maramureș, encouraging young people to explore photographic art as a way to share stories and tell them further.

Ana Peride, journalist and radio presenter, brought valuable insight regarding the importance of authenticity in the digital world and in everyday life. She emphasized the need to stay true to personal values and principles in the face of social pressures and external influences.

Sports journalist Alin Botioc created a relaxed atmosphere. In the yard, there was a lot of talk about athletes and sports. It was a great way to encourage young people to develop their passion for sport and continue to improve their knowledge in the field.

Day 5: Financial education for the future

The camp week ended with an important financial education seminar by NN, which provided the youth with valuable information for smart money management and financial planning.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the guests for this week of inspiration, learning and unique experiences!