Hope and Homes for Children begins its collaboration with Uniprest Instal to equip the Solca Family-Type Home in Suceava County with plumbing and heating installations. The Solca Family-Type Home is under construction. When the building work is completed, 12 children from the “Sfinții Arhangheli” Institution in Solca, Suceava, for whom family reintegration solutions were not identified, will move into the house.

Hope and Homes for Children started the closure process of the “Sfinții Arhangheli” Institution in Solca, Suceava in 2019, as part of the partnership agreement with the Suceava CPD. Currently, 21 children live in this institution, each child being assessed individually by Hope and Homes for Children specialists, in an attempt to find the most suitable placement and care alternatives, after the closure of the institution.

12 children will move into Solca Family-Type Home, groups of siblings for whom it is very important to remain together. Hope and Homes for Children promotes types of protection that put the family and the children first. Growing up with birth siblings is just one of the details that can differentiate between a harmonious and a traumatic life. There are 10-12 children who live in family-type homes, who receive care, education, emotional support and counselling for the development of independent living skills and, where possible, preparation for their social and professional integration. Above all, children live in an environment as close as possible to a family.

“When we start the construction of a family-type home, we look for support to cover all the expenses, both the design and construction expenses, as well as the costs of equipping the house with installations, furniture and appliances. Every partner who supports our work is very important, because eventually, when all things are in place, children move into the house whose future also depends on the house they grow up in. We thank Uniprest Instal for joining our efforts and hope they stay with us for future projects.,” Robert Ion, Fundraising Director, Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children and Uniprest have been collaborating since 2020.

“A house is ready when the heating and water supply systems are installed and functional. When our partners, Hope and Hopes for Children, started the construction of the family-type home in Suceava, we wanted to help them and contribute with our products to its completion. We want our work to be relevant to society and the involvement of Uniprest Instal in equipping the house to be just a first step in this collaboration”, said Enikő Peter, Managing Director, Uniprest Instal.

So far, together with its partners, Hope and Homes for Children has built 110 family-type homes in 20 counties in Romania. Hope and Homes for Children aims to close down all old-type institutions in Romania and eliminate institutionalisation as a form of child protection. To date, Hope and Homes for Children has invested more than 35 million euros in reforming the child protection system, closing down old-type institutions, reintegrating children into their birth or extended family, placing them foster care or in family-type homes. Another important programme, complementary to the deinstitutionalisation programme, is the prevention of separating children from their family, which stops the entry of other children in state care and in institutions.