romania’s children need you now

we support children, youngsters and families with basic necessities for the duration of the medical crisis generated by the spread of COVID-19

march – april 2020

from the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in romania, over one million people lost their job, temporary or for good. the children, youngsters and families that we support are even more exposed to extreme poverty: they do not have basic food supplies, medicines, support to pay rent, utilities or daily costs.

this is why we pay 100 rents for families and youngsters who would otherwise be evicted from their homes and we support almost 500 children and youngsters from the 13 most affected counties with food and basic necessary items.

each one of us donates for personal reasons: because we feel like it, because we listen to our hearts, because helping each other makes all of us stronger. When we donate from the heart, we give back hope to the ones who lost it. Each one of us has a different “because”. Together, each one of us helps from the heart.

donate from the heart

be somebody for nobody’s children!