Hope and Homes for Children and Catena, The Heart Pharmacy support this year 50 vulnerable children left in the care of grandparents.

Through the interventions made since the start of the “Grandparents, the Heart of the Family” project, these children were able to stay at home, away from the orphanage, the grandparents being helped to overcome the poverty and deprivation they face every day. “Grandparents, the Heart of the Family” is the project through which Catena supports the Foundation in its efforts to provide material, financial and medical support, as well as counseling sessions for grandparents who raise their grandchildren alone and risk to not being able to care for them due to poverty and helplessness.

Who is the “Grandparents, the Heart of the Family” project helping?

The aid targets increasing safety and living conditions, preventing early school abandon and resolving difficult situations. The support consists of interventions such as renovation of apartments / rooms, connecting homes to water, utilities, electricity or gas, equipping homes with appliances and furniture, providing hygiene and cleaning products, covering the cost of children’s school supplies, transportation to and from school, school clothes and shoes, but also the cost of rent / overdue bills, personal care products and food.

In addition, the counseling sessions designed for grandparents focused on supporting them in finding effective ways to communicate with children, on understanding the importance of the role of education in their development, while guiding children on the need to develop the necessary skills for an independent life.

The main reasons why children end up in the care of grandparents

The children in the Hope and Homes for Children programs who end up in the exclusive care of their grandparents are those marked by the death or abandonment of their parents, but also by the departure of one or both parents to work abroad. Children from single-parent families also end up in the care of their grandparents, especially when the parent becomes ill or the work limits the possibility to care of children and educate them. According to the latest ANDPDCA report, 1.058 children with parents who went to work abroad were in the special protection service – in orphanages and maternal assistance – in December, 2021.

In total, according to the same report, over 76.000 children in Romania have at least one parent who went to work abroad – children left with relatives, maternal assistance or preventive placement.

Fildas Trading and Hope and Hpmes for Children: a partnership started in 2017

“Children represent the present and future, and those left in the care of grandparents for various reasons need unconditional love and support so that they can continue their education and have access to everything that means a beautiful life. We all know that grandparents who raise their grandchildren alone are struggling every day with their needs, fear and helplessness, and tomorrow’s worries burden them. We are happy to be near Hope and Homes for Children and help children in vulnerable situations stay in the family, grow harmoniously, remember their childhood fondly, and remember when they grow up that grandparents are the heart of the family “, say the representatives of Catena.

“For children already vulnerable due to the absence of their parents, the separation from the grandparents in whose care they remain means to experience, for the second time, the trauma of separation from the most significant people in their lives; a child left in the care of grandparents can grow up harmoniously, despite the absence of parents. Any help given to grandparents can make the difference between a child growing up in a family and a depersonalized child, who will have to live his whole life with one of the deepest and most painful traumas: abandonment”, says Anamaria Vid-Pop, Psychologist, Quality Insurance and Psychology Department Manager, Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

The project Grandparents, the Heart of the Family continues the support of Fildas Traiding for children at risk from the Family Child Separation Prevention program developed by the Foundation, a collaboration started in 2017. You may learn more about the Foundation’s program from the annual report.