form 177

your company can sponsor without affecting its cash flow

order 1679/2022 provides that, within 6 months of submitting the profit/income statement, companies can submit form 177 by which they request ANAF to redirect to an NGO (or more) the amounts not used during the year.

in other words, through a sponsorship agreement and filing form 177, your company can redirect the difference between the actual sponsorship potential and how much it actually sponsored.

  1. fill in the sponsorship contract
  2. download form 177

good to know: your company does not incur any additional expenses with this sponsorship. ANAF redirects directly to us the amount indicated in the form, from taxes that your company has already paid.

the form can be filled in by companies that have not exhausted their ceiling of deductible sponsorships from the previous year. submission can be made both electronically and in printed format.

  • fill in the sponsorship contract
  • for the year 2022, if you are a profit tax payer, you must submit the form within 6 months of the legal deadline for submitting the annual profit tax return ; if you are a microenterprise income tax payer, within 6 months from the legal deadline for submitting the tax declaration related to quarter IV.
  • in section II, “Redirection of profit/income tax, check box 1: “Sponsorship to non-profit legal entities”
  • in section II, “Beneficiary identification data”, include the information from below
  • send us the sponsorship contract at bucuresti[at]

the information about us to include in form 177 (section II):

  • name: Hope and Homes for Children Foundation
  • fiscal identification code: 13661594
  • bank account (IBAN): RO49 BRDE 250S V187 7897 2500
  • address: Blvd Bucuresti 2A, Baia Mare, Maramureș, 430281
  • phone, email: +4031 426 0271, bucuresti[at]
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Formular 177 | Date despre beneficiar

together with you, we will succeed in helping even more vulnerable children stay with their parents and away from the trauma of institutionalization.

we thank you!


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