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Two in one shot!

We are not the Brave Little Tailor, but we are at least as brave and determined as him when we say: Never orphanages!

Today we are in Codlea, in Brașov, where we have completed the construction of two new family houses that will close forever the “Speranța” Orphanage for children with severe special needs, in Codlea.

Because an institution can never be a Home for a child, together with us, LPP Romania Fashion and Carl von Linde Foundation, with a total investment of 480,000 Euros, put brick upon brick for 20 children with severe special needs. They will soon move here away from the orphanage. Today, together with our sponsors, we enjoyed everything that the new Home means: generous and welcoming spaces, bright bedrooms and all the facilities needed for the little ones to feel the peace and warmth of a place of their own.

The 2 houses are built in partnership with the local and county authorities, on a land of over 3000 square meters made available by the Codlea City Hall, and the connection of the houses to the utilities will be done by CJ Brașov. The children will be moved by DGASPC BV.

Here is the Good in action
See how it transforms a house into a beautiful and warm Home, perfect for making memories. This is what we want for all the children in our care. The joy is even greater when you discover that the volunteers you have by your side also want to do Good “as great as the house”.

The result is all the more amazing when you know that in addition to the essential objects, the ones that add color to every room, the atmosphere was filled with smiles and the joy of helping. These will remain forever in the foundation of this house.

It is exactly what the children who will grow up here need: not only a safe roof, but also a welcoming atmosphere, similar to that in which an ordinary family lives.


We thank, from the bottom of our hearts: Fundației Carl von Linde, Linde Gaz România and LPP România, for the Good we can do, together!