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David Popovici: „For my birthday, I choose to believe.”

[Update February 12, 2024]

“I choose to believe in Us and in our power, as a people, to do Good!”

That’s what David Popovici said in September, when you and a community of over 2000 people chose to do Good, with him, on his birthday.

You believed then in our power, Together, and you were right: today, Andrei, Matei, Bogdan, Teodor and David can continue to build their way to excellence in music with the certainty that Home will always be there, that nothing and no one can stop them or could ever take the peace of knowing they have a place to come back to, every day: Home. The house is now theirs, because YOU chose to say #I’mHere.

We thank you and invite you to continue to be part of the story of vulnerable children. To write it as beautifully as you did for the 5 musician brothers, together with David. Today you can give by filling out the 230 form. It’s free, it’s your right and it takes less than 2 minutes.

Click HERE now and donate #TimeThatMatters.

[Update, November 14, 2023]

Over 2000 people said “Happy Birthday” to David Popovici, in September, on his birthday. They also gave him the most beautiful gift: a house for 5 musician brothers.

With one of the good people who donated, David announced that he would meet and personally thank him for the gift. We drew lots and Mrs. Iuliana from Bucharest is the winner of the meeting with David, a meeting she dreamed of for her grandsons, Mihai and Andrei.

Dream and done! Today was the big day, when David waited for everyone at the swimming pool at the end of the morning training. It was beautiful, like every meeting with him! Exciting and lots of questions from the boys. But David answered everything with patience and joy. And he was surprised when Mihai and Andrei gave him a gift: a message that David told us he would put somewhere in his room – “Good luck at the Olympics, David!”

The whole moment was broadcast on Sports News, on Pro TV.

[Update, October 31, 2023]

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! With your help and over 2,500 donors, we collected 283,270 RON! We will thus be able to offer a Home to the 5 musician brothers. (This amount includes contributions via galantom.ro)

Records upon records: 65,000 lei in just 5 hours; on David’s birthday we reached our financial goal; donations continued to flow, and the amount raised at the end of the campaign was exceeded by 26%.

This month, according to the rules, we drew the winner. And because during the campaign David Popovici wanted to meet the winner, that will happen soon, after returning from the National Championships. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels to see the highly anticipated meeting.

[Initial article, September 4, 2023]

David donates his birthday for the benefit of our Foundation and aims to raise 45,000 euros, an amount that will enable the purchase of an apartment for 5 brothers with extraordinary musical talent.

So that their shortcomings do not rob them of their chance to excel, David is appealing for donations on hhc.galantom.ro/p/david for Andrei, Matei, Bogdan, David, Teodor and their mom. At the end of the campaign (September 4 – 30, 2023), one of the donors will win, by drawing, a meeting with our champion.

How you can help and also win a meet-and-greet with David

  1. Log on to hhc.galantom.ro/p/david;
  2. Donate 30 lei or more and you’ll be automatically entered in the sweepstakes!

You may see the campaign’s terms and conditions HERE. We’ll announce the winner on https://hopeandhomes.ro/david-popovici/2023, on https://hhc.galantom.ro/p/david, and on all of our social media accounts, no later than October 30 2023.

David Popovici: “I choose to believe that we can help”

“For all the resilience, passion for music and strength of these boys, which not many of us were capable of, as young children – I choose to believe that we can help them, together. We need to raise 45,000 euros so that a house of theirs becomes their point of stability, forever,” says David.

5 musicians, over 100 medals!

Andrei plays the violin and graduated from the Conservatory; Matei and Bogdan study the piano, entering now the second year at the Conservatory; Teodor and David, in the twelfth grade of classical singing and guitar respectively, are both preparing for the same musical institution.

It’s not the first time David says #SuntAici

Last year, David Popovici’s champion equipment collected, in less than a month, donations worth more than 40,000 euros on the Galantom platform. With the amount raised, Hope and Homes for Children was able to move home a former champion – Florentina, former world vice-champion in junior rowing, who suffers from a serious illness and had nowhere to live with her three children. You may see here their completed home.