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Team Hope at The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour

Team Hope runners participated, on Saturday, May 28, at The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour, the most colourful running event, so that 7 brothers from Neamț County could remain together with their family and away from the orphanage.

“We joined the race to build a house for a family from Neamț with 7 children!”

“Due to the difficult living conditions, the little ones are in danger of being taken away from their mother and father and institutionalized. Because the children’s place is next to their family, we are working to build a house so that these 7 children can stay together “, says Robert Ion, Fundraising & Communication Director at Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

The family now lives in a 2-room house, made only of beams and pressed clay, and those recently affected by a fire. The father works during the day, and the mother and older siblings take care of the younger children and the animals in the yard, their only source of food. They have no access to electricity or running water, being 7 km away from the village. But the children have the love of their parents and access to education. The mother makes sure that the little ones are not absent from kindergarten or school and that they are clean and ready for their daily activities.

Cosmin Stan, Adrian Nartea, Florin Negruțiu, Omid Ghannadi, Ami and Andressa – runners in Team Hope, for the 7 brothers

The journalists Cosmin Stan and Florin Negruțiu, the actor Adrian Nartea, the architect Omid Ghannadi, the singer Ami and the blogger Andressa joined Team Hope and ran together with their families and over 100 other people to build, brick by brick, the children’s new home, who otherwise are at risk of being separated from their family because of the extreme poverty in which they live.

You can help, too!

Contribute to the construction of a decent house and keep this way 7 children away from the orphanage! Text HOPE to 8864 (4 Euro per month donation) or see here all the ways in which you may get involved.