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Fondation de France, NN România, WebHelp și Think Human Foundation au sprijinit aceste tabere.

Summer camps for Ukrainian children

More than 200 Ukrainian children from foster care centers and from vulnerable families had a week of relaxation, joy and disconnection from the hardship across the border during the summer. We organized four one-week camps with your support and that of the partners who said #I’mHere for the children from Ukraine: Fondation de France, NN România, WebHelp and Think Human Foundation.

Some well deserved quiet time

The camps took place at SunRai Village, a little corner of heaven, where the sky feels closer, and the eaves of the old houses make you think of your grandparents’ yards. Connecting with nature, pets, horseback riding on sunny trails and the playground designed for all ages made the kids savor every moment. During the breaks between the games, they played archery, dreamed in the hammock, climbed the trees, jumped on the trampoline and enjoyed the fruits and ice cream brought by the friends from Rotary Club Sighetu Marmatiei Voievodal.

Summer camp life

Besides the games and creative and sports activities, each camp took us through the streets of the city crossed by the Tisa. At the “Memorial to the Victims of Communism and Resistance” we stopped quietly and turned our thoughts to the victims of the war in Ukraine. At the Museum of Natural Sciences we celebrated life and its diversity by meeting plants, birds and animals we had never even heard of.

On the last night of each camp, we gathered around the fire and told stories about the days that approached us. Before each separation, we held each other’s arms and promised ourselves that we would keep in our mind this summer week in which we learned to be children again, to let ourselves be carried away by play and to dream of a world where peace and love overcome all darkness.

Thank you Fondation de France, NN România, WebHelp and Think Human Foundation!