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rebengiuc’s will
september 2019 – february 2020

institutionalisation in romania continues: over 6,000 children still in orphanages need your help.

ioana, tudor, diana, matei and the other over 6,000 children still in orphanages need your help. Send HOPE to 8844 and donate 2 EUR/month to close down orphanages and move children in family-type environments.

it is not time that solves everything. it is only the people who can do that. you can.

over 6,000 children are still institutionalised in Romanian orphanages, far away from “home”. maybe we are not their parents. But this does not mean they aren’t our children.

I am old, I do not have much time left. But it is not time that solves everything. It is only the people who can do that.

– maestrul victor rebengiuc, in his symbolic will

what do institutionalised
children say about living in institutions?

I do not believe that even one person here will take my side and will be with me all the way… at least for a bit, to love me. really… nobody loves me.

I would like to be able to erase the majority of the bad things. I would like for everything to get back to normal and to be daddy’s little monkey again.

we’ve come a long way since the ‘90s, but there is still a lot to be done: over 6,000 children in 186 old-type institutions are still far from home. half of them are children with disabilities. over two thirds of the children living in old-type institutions have delays in various areas: development, intellectual, maturity and/or psychological and motor. around a quarter of the children accumulate delays on all the areas of development.

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