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when will we return to “the way it was before”?
may - september 2020

we support children, youngsters and families with basic necessities for the duration of the medical crisis generated by the spread of COVID-19

if we want to return to what’s normal, poor children need to return to what’s essential. donate for their food, shelter and health!

as a result of the country-wide lockdown, over 1,000,000 people lost their jobs. many of them, already in a vulnerable situation, were pushed into extreme poverty.

if we can wait some more for things to go back to normal, poor children cannot wait anymore. Each day that goes by with lots of compromises is also compromising their future. Without a shelter, the children are separated from their parents.

the responsibility towards children cannot be postponed and promises cannot be fulfilled just every now and then. therefore, each month we’ll pay 100 rents for families and youngsters who would otherwise be evicted from their homes and we’ll support almost 500 children with food and basic necessities.

donate from the heart

be somebody for nobody’s children!