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Many good people joined us in 3 Saturdays of #WhomNotWhat, when we brought the most beautiful Swing where it belongs: close to parents and children.

We met many in Tineretului Park, but also in Izvor Park, at the themed Halloween fair, organized by  Social Moms.

#Here, the Swing could best express the metaphor it symbolizes. Love and hope that no child will ever live the nightmare of institutionalization. A symbol of the boundless love that a parent has for their child, it also draws attention to what a child in an orphanage lacks the most: the care and warmth of a family.

If you haven’t been able to visit us and enjoy our activities so far, don’t worry! We can meet on another Saturday of #WhomNotWhat on November 4th in Park Lake, where we await you with little surprises and big stories for the soul.