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GOOD WORK WELL DONE. Best practices conference facilitated by NGO ACADEMY

60 professionals from 29 non-governmental organizations – we all gathered to share experiences, best practices and vulnerabilities at the BINE făcut. Conference. It was a marathon of emotions and accomplishments for the joy of GOOD Well Done, organized by us and facilitated by NGO Academy.

Social workers, psychologists and other experts involved in the reform of the child protection system, we explored together the values that unite us and the mission we have undertaken in supporting the most vulnerable children and young people.

During the four distinct panels, we focused on concrete ways in which we can support young people leaving orphanages and taking their first steps towards independence, how we can build the courage of mothers who are victims of domestic violence, how we can keep children close to their parents and parents away from poverty, how we can support young women who become mothers before becoming adults.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Amalia Enache and Diana Vasile, for being with us and encouraging us to move forward with passion and determination!

We also thank each colleague who was part of the conference and shared their experiences and learnings with us. Each organization involved brought valuable input and inspired us to continue our fight. We ended the day with gratitude, knowing that through our collective efforts and continued commitment, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need us the most.