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2024.04.28 HHC-361

Welcome to Hopeland!

The second camp within the Bursele DAR program brought our wonderful youngsters together again – youngsters who each carry a unique GIFT: to perform and achieve excellence, despite their vulnerability.

And this is how the last days of April were about how intelligence, creativity and heart met in the activities we created especially for them, in Bucharest. We offered them, in addition to these activities, TIME. Time to connect with themselves and share experiences with the others.

The story of the 3 days of DAR Camp, edition #2:

On #day1, we set off on a thrilling Treasure Hunt through Bucharest, organized by Bucureștiul povestit. The city has become our playground. We were inspired to rediscover ourselves, tell stories and explore Bucharest in a new way, each in his own team. Amalia Enache, Dana Rogoz, Oana Zamfir, Claudia Ivan and Lavinia Ivaș were there to support our scholarship holders. We weren’t competitive….not every minute of it :). Instead, at every moment we had all the space to share experiences and let ourselves be impressed by the strength of these young people, each extraordinary in their own unique way.

On #day2 we rediscovered what Courage is. Courage means not taking everything too seriously and sometimes knowing how to learn by laughing heartily. We did this together with Luciana Baicea, Mindarchitect.ro, who taught us, through games, about communication, active listening or the presence with which we should enter every interaction or relationship. Courage is being afraid and yet letting curiosity be greater than fear. This is why we then went kayaking on Lake Herastrau. At the end of the day, the children explored Cărturești Carusel, to each choose a book.

We started #day3 by talking about everything that the 2nd edition of the DAR Scholarship Camp meant, thinking about what the next one will be like. And, if in the other 2 days we explored Bucharest on foot, on the third day we continued to explore with our minds. At the financial education workshop organized by Simion Tihon & Banca Transilvania for our youngsters, we learned about how to save, how to make money work for us and how to invest. And above all, we realized how important it is to invest in the people around us and the people we will become.

In the elegant and refined setting of The Marmorosch Hotel our young people stayed throughout the camp. Here was the magical place where they felt inspired to share experiences with each other and learn something new every day, in the context of the activities we prepared for them. Thank you for your hospitality!

And to make the return from Hopeland 🙂 less sad, we received a special gift from Stefania, one of our DAR scholarship holders, to always remind us why we consider our young people as a GIFT :

The DAR scholarships, edition #2, are a program possible thanks to the organizations that applaud and support excellence: AFI CotroceniAlliance Healthcare RomâniaBanca TransilvaniaB&BCollectionDouglas Romania and PENNY Romania.

DAR scholarships are for vulnerable children who excel in art, sports or learning. The scholarships are financial resources for the young scholars to use, guided by the social workers of Hope and Homes for Children, to support their performance and not abandon their dream. We are already preparing for the 3rd edition of the DAR Scholarships, school year 2024 – 2025, stay close to us and the best and strongest kids.