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2024.04.03 HHC Ambasador-60

We have launched the campaign Home Ambassador – When we build a house, we shape the future

Together with our ambassadors – Amalia Enache, David Popovici, Mihai Morar, Marius Manole and Alexandru Tomescu – last night, at Mița Biciclista, we marked the start of the campaign that aims to raise 450,000 euros by the end of this year

This amount is necessary for the construction of a family home to accommodate the 12 children with medium and severe special needs from the last placement center in district 5 of Bucharest.

David Popovici: “With joy and a deep sense of responsibility we gather our forces and hearts in the most beautiful story of Together: the story of a strong community of people who understand that when we build a bedroom, we are actually building good dreams and stories before bedtime, we build safety, trust, identity, familiarity; that WHEN WE BUILD A HOUSE, WE BUILD A HUMAN BEING. Every brick, every donation and every gesture of your support will be a promise towards a better future for 12 children. We, the Ambassadors of Hope and Homes for Children, invite you to be together a pillar for them and for all the children in Romania who did not receive the right – as we had – to grow up in the most beautiful universe: Home.”

All those who want to join the call for donations can do so, on www.ambasadorpentruacasa.ro.

The 12 children need a house like Home, with a generous living room, kitchen, terrace, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious yard – adapted to their needs. Their new home will provide not only a safe and stable shelter, but also a family-like environment, where children receive care and education appropriate to their specific needs, safety and sensory stimulation, through specially designed spaces.

“They say that in order for a nation not to repeat the mistakes of the past, they must first know it. And last night, at Casa Mița Biciclista, we managed to recreate a fragment of the unimaginable hardship of the first orphanages that we closed, more than 20 years ago. Because, although the horror orphanages of the 90s no longer exist, any form of institutionalization means that a child grows up without an identity and without roots. We started with over 100,000 children living in orphanages. Romania is now one step away from closing the last orphanage in the coming years. And together with Amalia, David, Mihai, Marius and Alexandru, to whom we are fully grateful for the voice they give to voiceless children, we are not only building a house for 12 children, but we are healing ourselves, as a nation, by choosing not to forget nobody’s children. Children who are, in fact, still ours”, declares Ștefan Dărăbuș, National Director of Hope and Homes for Children Romania.

According to ANPDCA, at the end of September 2023, there were still 65 orphanages open in Romania where 1500 children under special protection lived.