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Together with OPTIblu, we start the project AT HOME, you see with your HEART

In partnership with OPTIblu, we are launching the “AT HOME, you see with your HEART” project, so that 12 children with special needs from Bucharest, who did not benefit of the love and care of a family, can have a HOME of their own.

As part of the  campaign <Ambassador for Home – When we build a house, we build a human being>, the project will contribute to the construction of a family home where 12 institutionalized children can receive care and education appropriate to their specific needs.

Therefore, between June 1-30, 2024, for every pair of children’s glasses sold in any of the 79 OPTIblu stores, 50 lei will be donated to our foundation. This donation will support our efforts to provide vulnerable children with a safe and stable family environment, ensuring a childhood as close to normality as possible.

The amount needed to build the family home is 450,000 euros

450,000 Euros are needed to build the house that the 12 children with special needs in Bucharest need: a house of over 300 square meters with all the amenities – generous living room, kitchen, welcoming terrace, four bedrooms , two bathrooms and a spacious yard – all adapted to the children needs.

The new house, intended for children from the last orphanage in sector 5, Bucharest, will be built close to the special school that some of the children attend, on a land made available by DGASPC Sector 5 and will offer an environment similar to that of a family, where children are safe and receive the best care.

The ambassadors of Hope and Homes for Children – Amalia Enache, David Popovici, Mihai Morar, Marius Manole and Alexandru Tomescu – were the ones who marked the start of this campaign in April this year, the objective of the campaign being that by the end of the year, the entire amount needed building the house to be collected.