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Together with JYSK România, we offer 2 new Homes, furnished and decorated by our partner, within a collaboration of over 8 years. During all this time, we furnished and equipped 24 such houses together with JYSK Romania, in Bistrita-Năsăud, Bucharest, Iași, Neamț, Sibiu, Suceava, which offered stability, independence, identity – values ​​that each of us wish we had in our own lives, but moreover to the more than 200 children who crossed their thresholds.

Home in Tuțora

At this house, in Iasi, the furniture and decorations are what give the rooms color and comfort, but above all, give happiness and enthusiasm to the 12 children with special needs who will live here. It couldn’t be otherwise when so many JYSK volunteers rolled up their sleeves, along with our colleagues, and helped us assemble the furniture, arrange the decorations, turn the house into a real Home. 2 other family houses that we are about to complete in Iași, in the communes of Aroneanu and Miroslava, will also be furnished and equipped with the support of JYSK Romania.

Home in Bistrita

After we opened 2 family houses in Bistrita together, we also took care of the third one. The house is built by us, with the support of JYSK, and furnished and decorated with care also with their support. What we wanted is to complete the last details so that everything looks impeccable and awaits the young people who are going to move here with an atmosphere of a real Home.

4 JYSK employees visited the house, helped to decorate it and learned more about the importance of family houses.

“We really appreciate what Hope and Homes for Children Romania does in Bistrita. The house looks very good and, another important thing, it is located between other houses in a normal community, which gives children a chance to grow up like any other child. I came here together with the 2 store managers of the JYSK stores in Bistrita, Julieta Rostaș and Abida Burdea, and with the District Manager Laurentiu Elvedi. We are all happy to have the opportunity to see the result of the work of Hope and Homes for Children, which gives vulnerabile children a chance for a better future”, said Marian Radu, JYSK Retail Manager.

This home will soon become a safe space for 9 young people with severe special needs, who will leave the foster care center, putting the lock on it. The other children who grew up at this center already live, from 2022, in the 2 family houses built and furnished with the support of JYSK.